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Britvic Bevmax 45

Ideal for refreshing consumers at large volume sites.

Refreshing cool drinks…

A highly attractive and eye catching vending machine (shown here with multiple branding) which can be branded according to the customers environment or drink selection. Britvic offer a range of branded healthier colas, fruit carbonates, energy drinks, water and juice to complement your coffee and hot drink systems.

Bevmax 45 offers 45 product selections, has 5 trays and a full capacity of 324 500ml or 600ml bottles. In addition healthier colas are available in the larger 600ml size at the same price as standard 500ml Pepsi offering better value for money.

Thoughtful designing and build allows the product and money panel positioned so that it is accessible to children and wheelchair users.

Subject to site survey and volume fulfilment the Britvic Bevmax 45 can be installed FOC, filled FOC, maintained FOC and cash emptied FOC.

Feature highlights:

  • Available in a wide range  of eye-catching product design brands catching consumers attention
  • Offering 45 selections, the BevMax 45 offers consumers a huge variety of their favourite Britvic branded drinks.
  • large capacity machine is designed for the most demanding of locations.

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: W1067 H1829mm D813mm
  • Weight: empty 282kg
  • Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz 2.5KW (13 A fuse)
  • Cooling Method: In across the evaporator, out vents
  • Capacity: 324