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Kenco Milano

The Milano by DarenthMJS is an exceptionally compact, yet feature packed and truly versatile total drinks dispense solution ideal for larger sites.

Vending solution for large sites…

The MILANO offers a huge choice of delicious taste options, from smooth black coffee to frothy cappuccino and rich indulgent mocha. This is an exceptionally compact yet feature-packed, floor standing ‘traditional’ machine. This offers 6 huge capacity ingredient canisters as standard and a mammoth cup capacity of up to 1260 cups.

Optional dual cup management system allows cold or standard drinks to be served in plastic cups whilst speciality beverages can be served in paper cups for the “coffee shop” feel.
Dual cup system can alternatively allow users to choose standard or large portion size of any beverage on offer. Incredibly compact, fully featured machine, just 0.4 sq.metres floor space. All drinks are served at convenient waist height – eliminates having to bend down to collect drinks.

Graphical strength adjust feature fitted as standard allows users to “fine-tune” their chosen drink to their own precise taste preference. The Milano features 16 chrome effect, one touch fast-select drink option keys as standard.  Preselect options such as sugar and ‘Go Large’, etc makes this incredible machine capable of producing over 900 drink varieties. Available as a free vend machine or fitted with full electronic coin mechanism which accepts all coins and token, or with full change-giving facility, Separately locking cash box, Free vend master override switch, Full audit facility built in as standard and I-Key cashless payment system compatible.

Feature highlights:

  • 16 chrome effect, one touch drink selection keys
  • Graphical strength adjustment fitted as standard
  • Pre-select options such as sugar, optional “Go decaf”, “Go large” etc, make this incredible machine capable of producing a wide selection of drink varieties
  • Syrup flavourings can be used for specialty drinks such as Amaretto, Irish Cream and Vanilla
  • Optional cold drink system capable of serving ice cold still and sparkling waters, together with up to 4 delicious syrup based flavourings.

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: W610mm H1850mm D650mm
  • Weight: 160kg
  • Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz 2.5KW (13 A fuse)
  • Water: Mains water connection via 3/4″ BSP fitting (connection hose available)
  • Cup Capacity: Single cup system (71mm, 73mm, 76mm) -630 cups
    Dual cup system (71mm, 73mm, 76mm) – 1260 cups