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Millicano Crane Genesis instant coffee

The Crane Genesis Instant tabletop coffee machine, is the perfect machine to deliver the great taste of Kenco Millicano coffee.

The perfect instant coffee machine…

The Crane Genesis Instant coffee machine is perfect for departmental work spaces, clubs, pubs, showrooms and food outlets. The simple touch interface delivers the great taste of Kenco Millicano in an instant. Enjoy a range of great tasting drinks – regular, decaf, cappuccino, espresso, mocha, latte, hot chocolate and tea.

SureVend™ sensors dispense the selected drink when the cup is detected in the correct dispense area. Ensuring the hot beverage is delivered safely with no spillage.  The system drops a cup and then delivers the drink. If the drink is not dispensed after three attempts, the customer is offered the option to provide their own cup or accept a refunded.

Separate brewing chambers are assigned for each beverage. A wiper system removes waste coffee and tea grounds from each chamber ensuring that there is no cross contamination between vends.

Feature highlights:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly build-a-drink keypad
  • Operator friendly! Easy to clean, fill and maintain
  • Flexible cup drop unit capable of vending paper and
    plastic cups
  • Consistent drink quality from every vend
  • Provides 2 dispense positions for hot drinks and hot water

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: W544mm H756mm D597mm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Electrical supply: V220-240 13A 50Hz
  • Capacity: 230 cups
  • Water Supply: 15mm BSP from rising main