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Kenco Crane Genesis Bean 2 cup

Crane Genesis and Kenco Coffee beans for the perfect Bean to cup – Table Top coffee machine. Ideal for offices, restaurants, pubs, clubs and conference venues.

Crane Genesis…compact but feature rich

Featuring the unique CoEx® brewing unit. This compact yet featured rich unit allows full flavoured bean to cup selections as well as freshbrew coffee produced from a single unit. Enjoy the aroma and taste of coffee brewed from fresh beans or a long, smooth freshbrew coffee from this compact table top coffee machine.

Produces low pressure freshbrew coffee and high pressure bean to cup selections from single, compact CoEx® unit

CoEx® unit also allows bean to cup coffee selections to be brewed under low pressure

Visible bean container with sealable lid keeps beans fresh for longer

Compatible with paper cups for an authentic ‘coffee house’ experience

CoEx® brewer unit can be quickly and easily cleaned in hot water via a simple unlocking lever

Shown here with a coin module for vending, the machine can also be free vend for self service and hospitality operations

Feature highlights:

  • Energy save mode reduces energy consumption
  • Simple to clean, stock and maintain
  • Payment systems available
  • Easy drinks option keypad
  • 35% energy saving when in idle mode

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: W544mm H860mm D597mm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Electrical supply: V220-240 13A 50Hz
  • Capacity: 230 cups
  • Water Supply: 15mm BSP from rising main