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The Kenco 2Go

With their coffee shop look and feel, the Kenco 2Go range is ideal for quick and delicious drinks. Simple to serve, sturdy and featuring a heat-transfer-minimising design… all features perfect for refreshment on the go. The brand name ingredients are foil sealed into the base for maximum freshness and the perfect serve every time. Just add hot water. There are Rainforest Alliance certified options and both parts of the cup can be recycled. The cardboard sleeve is also made from 100% recycled fibre.

FreshSeal Bovril


A beefy flavour drink that’s perfect to keep you going on colder days as a great alternative to tea or coffee.


Kenco 2Go Rich Taste 12oz

Larger 12 oz dark and rich coffee taste and aroma from Kenco freeze-dried instant coffee. The perfect coffee, available as black or white, for those who enjoy a continental flavour.

Freshseal PG Tips Tea 12oz

Kenco 2Go PG Tips Tea 12oz

Introducing the new 12oz, refreshing PG Tips Tea, 100% Rainforest alliance certified for quality black and white tea, skilfully produced to offer a fresh taste whatever your mood.

Freshseal Cadbury Hot Chocolate 12oz

Kenco 2Go Cadbury Hot Chocolate 12oz

GO LARGE 12oz…Cadbury hot chocolate drink, rich and creamy the perfect drink for chocolate lovers.


Kenco 2Go Cappuccino 12oz

Kenco’s new 12 oz warm and deeply satisfying Cappuccino hot drink – a sweet and frothy instant cappuccino – perfect for an indulgent treat. Individually packed for freshness.