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By trading in you can cut the cost of getting modern equipment that’s:

  • more reliable, less hassle and easier to maintain
  • more economical for lower running costs
  • higher performance for faster and tastier drinks
  • clean and contemporarily-styled with fresh branding
  • better for the environment

And that adds up to real savings while providing greater quality refreshments for staff, customers and visitors.

Does your machine qualify?

If you bought your machine in the last 10 years (May 2006 – April 2016)  then it’s most likely that you can take advantage of the Swappage Scheme. It doesn’t even have to be a Kenco machine.

How does it work?

Your local KBLA member will collect your machine and our engineers will assess its condition. You’ll then be offered a trade-in valuation which you can use against your choice of:

  1. New or refurbished equipment
  2. Consumables or products
  3. A maintenance service contract

Under the Swappage Scheme you get the full package. Your new machine comes with a 12-month parts and labour warranty and a hassle-free consumables replenishment service.

What happens to your old machine?

To reduce environmental impact we refurbish machines or recycle parts wherever possible. Where it’s not, obsolete equipment is disposed of in compliance with WEEE regulations.

Trade in and save…

Kenco Local’s Swappage Scheme will save you money on replacing your old drinks dispenser or vending machine.