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Colibri Bean to Cup – Refurbished

Fitted with the patented Nectra Z3000 brewer, the N&W Colibri achieves perfect extraction from the coffee beans for a rich full-bodied espresso.

Perfect Espresso

The innovative design and features of the COLIBRI are not normally available in a machine of this size. The stylish and compact Colibri is built to dispense high quality drinks that would rival many larger machines. Simple to use, its eight large selection buttons complete a user-friendly interface and a contemporary look that complements any small-to-medium business.

Colibri delivers high quality drinks, in particular authentic Italian tasting espressos with a consistent crema and great body thanks to its innovative technology. The visible bean hopper gives reassurance of quality to customers. By integrating a validator in the door of this compact dispenser, a vending option is available.

Colibri’s technology ensures extraction takes place at the optimum temperature, delivering full-bodied espresso with an excellent crema that forms the basis for a range of exquisite speciality coffees with long-lasting, creamy tops. The second canister doubles the number of drink selections. Utilising the coffee pre-selection, drinks can be chosen from beans or instant, even decaffeinated. * The Colibri is now discontinued. Call us about our great refurbished deals.

Feature highlights:

  • Coffee pre-selection on all models for X2 the drink selections.
  • Fully automatic hot drink service.
  • Simple to clean and fill.
  • Visible coffee beans.
  • Compact retro styling.

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: W410mm H750mm D490mm
  • Weight: 38kg
  • Voltage: 230 V 13 amp
  • Water: mains and handfill
  • Cup capacity: 150 x 7oz
Kenco Colibri