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Cadbury’s Confectionery and Fairtrade fortnight

 Fairtrade Fortnight is from Monday 25 February to Sunday 10 March 2013!

To support the Fairtrade fortnight Cadbury’s will be advertising using the strapline ‘Let’s be fair, it’s delicious!’ Cadbury Dairy Milk was the first major confectionery brand to achieve Fairtrade certification and it has been on shelf with the certification in the UK and Ireland since 2009. Kenco Local business are pleased to be associated with Cadburys and their quest to improve the conditions for farmers in poorer  countries which are worst hit in times of uncertainty. This year it’s time to take a stand for the food we love and the people who grow it. Without our support now, farmers in developing countries face an uncertain future. In 2012 they asked everyone to take a step for Fairtrade and nearly 1 million steps have been registered so far, with your help let’s take Fairtrade further in 2013 and help to reach more farmers and workers who need a better deal from trade. Fairtrade provides farmers and their families with the security of knowing they’ll receive a fair price for their crop and the long term stability that comes from having a better relationship with their buyer. For more information or to buy your Cadbury Dairy Milk to support this event, please speak to your Kenco Local business.

Need a Snack Vending machine?

If you dont have a snack machine, but are interested in having one installed at your premises – either on a “self-fill” or “fully managed service” visit our snack machines  here or call Kenco Local for a no obligation discussion.