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Britvic – cold drink refreshment whatever the time of day

Complement your coffee and hot drinks with a range of cold drinks to meet more of what consumers want throughout the day.

Kenco Local Business Service are delighted to be working closely with Britvic soft drinks offer a range of healthier colas, fruit carbonates, energy drinks, water and juice to complement your coffee and hot drinks systems.

Britvic have experience and understanding of consumers in different environments and they work with Kenco Local companies to plan the range and layout in the machine for each. We’re improving cold drinks vending by merchandising and branding machines to suit different sectors.

We can provide branded glass fronted and closed stack vending machines on a fully managed service – all on a free loan basis, subject to site survey and volume agreement. The branded machines are selected according to your work or public environment promoting the products which best suit your staff, customers and your diverse consumption needs throughout the day.

General consumer patterns indicate that energy drinks or juice are the best way to start the day as these satisfy and nourish. Water and juice drinks hydrate throughout the day and at the end of the day colas and fruit flavoured carbonates offer indulgence and enjoyment.

New healthier products are now available in 600ml and PET bottles at the same price as standard 500ml drinks meeting consumer needs better and offering more value for money over 330ml can drinks.

To discuss how a Britvic machine could bring a refreshing addition to drinks in your workplace and to arrange for a site survey, contact Kenco Local Business on 0800 073 5757.