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Kenco Singles Capsules

The secret’s in the capsule… Each one contains its own special filter system that contains just the right amount of foil sealed deliciousness and the intelligent capsule tells the system the perfect brewing time so you get a freshly brewed taste every drink. Simple! The range includes Kenco coffees, PG tips/ Twinings leaf teas and Suchard hot chocolate.

Kenco Singles Dark roast

Kenco Singles Dark Roast

Kenco Dark Roast Coffee provides a dark roasted ground coffee with a rich continental taste and offers appeals to those coffee drinkers enjoying a rich taste and strength of body.

Kenco Singles Medium roast

Kenco Singles Medium Roast

Kenco Medium Roast Coffee is a good all rounder with a balanced taste and aroma appealing to a wide audience and perfect for everyday drinking.


Kenco Singles Carte Noir

Kenco Carte Noir coffee is made with a superior blend of the finest beans, expertly roasted by Kenco to produce a rich French flavor with a smooth taste.


Kenco Singles Carte Noire Decaffeinated

Kenco expertly roasted superior blend of fine beans to produce a smooth decaffeinated coffee which doesn’t compromise on taste or flavour. Perfect coffee for drinking.

Kenco PG

Kenco Singles PG Tips

The distinctive PG tips taste and flavour, now sourced entirely from Rain Forest Alliance certified farms. Suitable for a refreshing tea experience during the day.


Kenco Singles Twinings Earl Grey Tea

Wonderfully aromatic, Twining Earl Grey Tea is a British classic which offers uncompromised taste and flavour. Suitable for a refreshing tea experience during the day.

Cadburys Kenco Singles

Kenco Singles Cadburys Chocolate

Cadburys Chocolate offers chocolate lovers the chance to indulge in the UK’s favourite Chocolate – rich and luxurious premium hot chocolate drink.


Kenco Singles Cappucccino

Kenco Cappuccino is indulgent and luxurious and a real treat at anytime of the day, blended smooth Kenco roasted coffee with added sweetness and a milky froth make a classic.