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Kenco 2Go Cup Display Module

The Kenco 2 Go Cup display module is a practical solution for displaying and storing the full Kenco 2 Go range of cups and ancillaries.

Eye-catching display of quality branded coffee shop style cups with maximum freshness sealed in. Multiple modules make an attractive display bank and dispensing opportunity. They can be table top free standing or wall mounted subject to your space and dispensing requirements.

The display module is the ideal complement to the Kenco Boiler and hot water boilers and systems as the base offers additional convenient storage for ancillary items including  sugar sticks, stirrers, sip-thru lids and milk pots.

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Excellent Branded Drinks.. Simply served

The modules couldn’t be quicker or simpler – select your desired product and ancillaries, remove the seal,  add hot water from your hot water dispenser and delight your customer with fresh drinks every time.

Kenco 2 GO products include high quality brands include: Kenco and Millicano coffees, PG Tips teas, Cappuccino Cadbury’s Hot chocolate plus Bovril savoury drinks.

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Bespoke storage solution for work spaces.

The Kenco 2 Go Cup display module system can be altered and manufactured and to fit the smaller 7oz In-Cup product .

This is the ideal solution for customers looking to serve a quality In-cup drinks in their work environment. Not only will it fit neatly into your work space – it keeps everything in one place… you’ll never need to hunt for the sugar and stirrers again.