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Eco policy

We know the way we do business today affects the climate of tomorrow and so we constantly look for environmentally positive solutions.

Uniquely Local…

Our unique nationwide distribution network, offers the opportunity for your order or refreshment service to be provided directly to you, from the KLBSA team in your area. This helps us to provide a fast and efficient operation that substantially reduces the carbon effect we have on the planet. From the option of paper rather than plastic cups, to vans that offer lower emissions for your local delivery we care about the environment.

Coffee versus Gangs

In Honduras gangs are a constant threat to young people and joining one may seem like the only option for survival. In order to make a difference Kenco are offering a group of vulnerable young people a chance at a better life and an alternative to gangs. A new initiative is training them as coffee farmers and providing an opportunity for a new future. Honduras has some of the World’s best coffee and coffee farming represents a major part of the Honduran economy. Too often gang culture and status lures young people away from traditional work with the promise of quick and easy money. An 11 month programme led by Kenco is helping young individuals make a living for themselves, provide for their families and gain respect. The scheme offers the skills and support to become successful entrepreneurs and run their own coffee farms. Kenco Local support this vision keen to make coffee farming a sustainable, productive and respected profession.


Over the years the Kenco brand DNA and consumer communication has featured how exceptionally important the aspect of sustainability is to them. Research illustrates that the result has been that Kenco has a clear and differentiating positioning as a strong coffee brand that “cares for the people that care for the bean” and supports fairness. Kenco’s desire to BE sustainable rather than just BUY sustainable was the drive behind their more progressive approach to sustainable supply and their move away from the Rainforest Alliance. This sustainable sourcing strategy of Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) is a core principle from the bringing together of the two businesses – Kenco and Douwe Egberts.