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Confectionery and biscuits

Cadburys confectionery, oreo, ritz and belvita biscuits are available from Kenco Local to complement your hot drinks solution. So whatever the time of the day we have something which will satisfy your staff and customers.


Cadburys confectionery

Half of the top ten chocolate bars in the UK are Cadburys, so for the perfect afternoon treat enjoy chocolate and confectionery from the Cadburys range.


Belvita Breakfast Bar

Belvita, 13 of the top breakfast biscuits and number 1 healthy biscuit which regularly releases carbohydrates over 4 hours – the perfect breakfast snack.


Oreo Snack Biscuits

With 89% brand awareness Oreo is the World’s number 1 treat biscuit. In different pack sizes this is the ideal snack for vending