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Kenco In-Cup Boiler

The Kenco in cup Boiler provides the perfect serving and storage solution for your low cost in-cup beverages.

Kenco In-Cup Boiler

A 100 stacked-cup capacity provides a choice of 4 different great-tasting drinks. The quick heating water boiler delivers hot water under 1 minute

Plumb directly into the mains water supply or manually fill the tank,  the in-cup boiler holds  enough water to deliver 35 cups before it needs a refill.

The base of the boiler holds four containers for handy storage all in- cup consumables. Milk pots, sugar sticks and stirrers are conveniently stored.

Enjoy branded paper in-cup beverages.  You’re getting branded hot drinks, served quickly and simply with everything you need in one compact station and the Rainforest Alliance logo shows their ethical credentials.

Kenco Rich, Smooth or Decaffeinated – Freeze dried coffee in black or white options, Decaffeinated is white only.

Maxwell House – Freeze dried coffee in black or white options

Kenco Instant Cappuccino – Creamy and frothy

Suchard Hot Chocolate – Chocolate indulgence

PG Tips – Britain’s favorite tea

Kenco In-Cup range…hassle free low cost beverages

Feature highlights:

  • 12 months warranty
  • Small footprint
  • Water heats in 1 minute
  • 100 cup stacking capacity
  • Space for sugar, milk pots, stirrers & sip lids

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: W390mm H541mm D350mm
  • Weight unfilled: 13kg
  • Electrical supply: 2.4kW, 13A
  • Water Supply: Mains fed or manual fill
  • Boiler capacity: 25-35 Kenco In-Cup cups