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Kenco 2Go Boiler

The Freshseal 2Go Boiler is a low-cost, compact and reliable dispenser for a cost-effective way to serve FreshSeal products.

Kenco 2Go Boiler lets you…

Heat water in 1 minute, the Kenco 2Go boiler pours 20 cups before a re-fill. And the 40 stacked-cup capacity provides a choice of 4 different great-tasting drinks.

The tank holds enough water to deliver 20 cups before it needs refilling. But you have the option of plumbing directly into a mains water supply.

In the base of the machine are four containers for handy storage/ display of FreshSeal disposables such as sip-thru lids, milk pots, sugar stick and stirrers.

Enjoy individually branded Kenco 2Go beverages. Delicious flavours are sealed in the base of the “coffee shop style” cup ensuring maximum freshness and minimal work for you. You’re getting branded hot drinks, served quickly and simply with everything you need in one compact station. Rainforest Alliance logo shows their ethical credentials.

…enjoy, your favourite Kenco 2Go branded hot beverages.

Feature highlights:

  • 12 months warranty
  • Small footprint
  • Water heats in 1 minute
  • 40 cup stacking capacity
  • Space for sugar, milk pots, stirrers & sip lids

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: W390mm H541mm D350mm
  • Weight unfilled: 13kg
  • Electrical supply: 2.4kW, 13A
  • Water Supply: Mains fed or manual fill
  • Boiler capacity: 15-20 Kenco FreshSeal cups