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Kenco Sienna

The Sienna by DarenthMJS  features exclusive styling with fine lines to perfectly compliment the high quality of beverages produced.

Sleek styling, simple to use…

The SIENNA features exclusive styling to perfectly complement the high quality beverages it produces. Options include “strength adjustment” to tailor drinks to your own taste, “go large” to facilitate larger cups and mugs and also a “go decaff” option enabling a decaffeinated product to be offered along with standard coffee.

11 chrome effect, one touch beverage selection buttons as standard (9 drink options plus hot water and sugar dispense).  Whether it’s a smooth dark aromatic black coffee, delicious cappuccino or a rich creamy indulgent Cafe Mocha. It only takes one touch.

Choice of freevend or a variety of payment systems, including cashless.
Easily cleaned and maintained with easily removable component parts, large drip tray with electronic sensor and integrated flush button to maintain hygiene between drink dispensing.

Feature highlights:

  • Optional “Go large”, “Strength adjustment” and “Go decaf”
  • 11 chrome effect one touch drink selection keys
  • Optional electronic coin validator and I-Key cashless payment system
  • High capacity drip tray, with stainless steel feature trim and electronic sensor fitted as standard
  • Entirely separate mixing station for each ingredient to prevent cross contamination of taste and allow total flexibility in recipe selection

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: W362mm H650mm D539mm
  • Weight: 37kg
  • Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz 2.5KW (13 A fuse)
  • Water: Mains water connection via 3/4” BSP fitting (connection hose available if required)
  • Selections: 11 (e.g. 9 drink choices plus sugar and hot water)