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Coffetek Neva 3 Millicano coffee machine

Coffetek Neva 3 is perfect for hotel, restaurant, catering and office self-service areas.

Millicano whole bean instant

The Neva Kenco Millicano table top is the solution for you if your after coffee with full bodied richness.

This three canister table top hot drink machine lets you have milk. chocolate and the great taste of Millicano at the press of a button.

Small footprint makes the Neva 3 ideal for any location where space is restricted.

Ultra compact design – small footprint allows the Neva 3 to be fitted in any dispensing or countertop location.

Robust operation – can dispense up to three drinks per minute.

Accepts all standard mug and cup sizes.

Feature highlights:

  • Easy to fill and maintain – single piece mixing systems on all machines make maintenance and cleaning straight forward
  • Easy to use – large, single-button operation for all drink options supported by an integrated LCD vend progress display
  • Stand-alone operation – reservoir option available for unplumbed operation.

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: W260mm H630mm D470mm
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Electrical supply: Voltage 230 current 12A/2.8Kw Frequency 50 Hz
  • Water Supply: Supply 15 mm BSP from rising main.