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Bravilor Matic Twin

Bravilor Matic offers two perfect brewing systems to deliver the delicious flavor of Kenco filtered coffees. The Matic 2 and for larger quantities of coffee the Matic Twin.

Delicious fresh filter coffee

High-quality stainless steel in combination with black accents provide a contemporary design. LED Controlled operation, stainless steel filter pan and integral hot plates make the Bravilor Matic easy to use. Operation and maintenance require little time. Signals indicate when the coffee is ready and when the machine should be descaled.

The Bravilor Matic range of fresh filtered brewers enables you to serve delicious fresh coffee, quickly and simply in any location. The Matic series is available as an automatic fill model and is simple to connect to the mains water supply.

Feature highlights:

  • Two to four self-regulating hot plates (depending on model)
  • Automatic water fill model with quick and easy connection to the water mains supply
  • Coffee of consistent quality by accurate water dosing
  • Signals indicate when the coffee is ready and when the machine should be descaled
  • Quickly brews large quantities of coffee thanks to the double brewing system

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: Matic 2: W195 H446mm D406mm Matic Twin:W404H446mm D406mm
  • Brewing time 230VMatic 2:approx. 6 min. / 1 decanter Matic Twin:approx. 7 min. / 2 decanters
  • Throughput/hour 230VMatic 2:approx. 15 litres (120 cups) Matic Twin:approx. 24 litres (192 cups).
  • Holding capacity: Matic 2: 2 decanters (24 cups)Matic Twin:4 decanters (48 cups)
Bravilor Matic twin