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N&W Global Kobalto Espresso

The Kobalto Necta Espresso Brewer delivers authentic espresso and freshbrew tea.

Coffee perfection at the press of a button

Necta Espresso Brewing technologies creates a wide range of drink selections simply and efficiently including authentic Italian espressos, rich creamy chocolate and light frothy cappuccinos, thanks to its fresh milk storage capacity and its intuitive easy to user interface.

User friendly interface

Kobalto is an extremely user-friendly machine, whether placed behind the bar for staff or in self-service mode for customer use.

The consistent quality of the grinding and the accurate metering of water at just the right pressure, ensure the creation of a drink that is characterised by a distinctively rich aroma. 

Kobalto Coffee machine options:

The machine offers coffee beans plus 3 cannisters for: a decaffeinated or wholebean instant coffee options, chocolate and dairy whitener to produce the excellent drinks range.

A coin module can be added for vending

Feature highlights:

  • Patented coffee group Z3000 with volumetric doser
  • Possibility to dispense four cups of coffee at the same time (dual delivery)
  • Up to 400 coffee cups per hour
  • Shorter time is needed in drink preparation, compared to manual machine
  • Optional fresh milk storage solution

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: W470mm H920mm D570mm
  • Weight: 78kg approx
  • Electrical supply: V230  50Hz
  • Hourly output: 100 espresso / 80 Lt hot water
  • Water Supply: Plumbed