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Bravilor Esprecious

Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious… the bean to cup machine designed specifically for small offices, departmental coffee area’s, shops, restaurants and bars.

Make the perfect espresso with the Esprecious

It’s never been easier to make barista quality coffee! Enjoy the perfect espresso or at the touch of a button make your favourite coffee, cappuccino, latte, macchiato or hot chocolate.

With the Esprecious you can prepare hot drinks using Kenco’s full bodied coffee beans like only a barista can make.

Bravilor Esprecious 11 & 21

The Esprecious comes in configurations to suit your workplace. Choose your machine with 1 or 2 bean grinders, allowing you to create coffee from freshly-ground beans. The divided bean canister within the model with 2 grinders makes it possible to use two types of beans to enhance your coffee experience. Beans are freshly ground for each cup giving optimum taste and a perfect aroma.

Esprecious 11 – 1 grinder – bean canister – 1 instant canister

Esprecious 21 – 2 grinders – divided bean canister – 1 instant canister

Bravilor Esprecious 12 & 22

Choose 1 or 2 ingredient canisters giving you a greater range of drink combinations. Programming is simple, enabling you to adjust the range of drinks offered. The pouring outlet is adjustable in height, perfect for all cup sizes. Hot water can be tapped through a separate outlet for tea and snacks.

Esprecious 12 – 1 grinder – bean canister – 2 instant canisters.

Esprecious 22 – 2 grinders – divided bean canister – 2 instant canisters

Easy to maintain and clean… adjustable LED-lights to match your interior.

Using Samsung technology the display can be altered to feature the products available on the drinks menu using a simple sd card – branded cups can even be added to personalise your machine.


Feature highlights:

  • Conveniently arranged touch screen
  • Eco mode: intelligent energy-saving mode
  • Separate hot water outlet
  • Unique hot water system for less scaling
  • Individual setting options
  • Waste bin full indicator – Drip tray full indicator
  • Total and day counters.

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: W330mm H660mm D570mm
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Electrical supply: 230V ~ 50/60Hz 2250W
  • Throughput per hour: Espresso: approx 83 cups Coffee: approx 70 cups  Instant: approx 240 cups
  • Preparation time per cup: approx. 15 t0 50 sec. depending on drink requested
  • Water Supply: Supply 15 mm BSP from rising main