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Millicano rebrand for prestigious medical centre

How to improve the coffee on offer at a prestigious site without the need for investing in new equipment?

Millicano for Wellington Platinum Medical Centre

Based in St John’s Wood, London, The Wellington Platinum Medical Centre is the UK’s largest private diagnostic and outpatient hospital. It’s renowned for high standards of patient care and medical outcomes supported by excellent medical facilities, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and leading consultants.

Coffee was being provided to staff and clients via ground coffee in cafetieres or Nescafe instant coffee/ unbranded whitener via vending machine. Management had cited the need to improve their offering without having to replace recently-purchased equipment by investing in new bean-to-cup machines.

Assessing Wellington Platinum’s offering identified the heart of the issue. Their existing kit was easy to use and replenish, but used low-quality ingredients and was poorly set-up.

Our first recommendation was to switch to Kenco Millicano served alongside Millifresh via a table-top dispenser.  The premium quality of Millicano meant 2 ways of serving coffee could be simplified into just one. One that’s simpler, time-saving and better-tasting.

Next we used our technical know-how and experience to fine-tune the existing machines to deliver optimal flavour from the Millicano. This was in conjunction with staff retraining to get the most from the system. To complete the upgrade for this prestigious medical centre we rebranded the machines in the Millicano livery.

With a capacity of around 300 drinks per day and quick delivery, Wellington Platinum now enjoy the efficiency of a soluble product with the sophistication of bean-to-cup and the taste of roast and ground coffee.

But don’t take our word for it. After working closely with the Hotel Services Manager and Catering Supervisors the final decision would be based on a satisfaction survey completed by staff.

The results?

95% of staff endorsed this Millicano offering as an improvement in quality over the previous.

With the help of Kenco Local Business Service we have now re-branded all of our machines to Millicano reflecting the products now on offer. Happy clients happy staff, Thank you

Nathalie Hawkins, Catering Supervisor