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Kenco Singles at Broxburn Bottlers

Why is it most people don’t want to give back their Kenco Singles Brewer at the end of trialling it?


Broxburn Bottlers are a leading independent with 25 years’ experience. They provide bottling, product development and rework services to leading brands in the global drinks industry.

They were looking for a drinks solution for their head office’s conference room.

The Kenco Singles system’s intelligent capsules ensure perfect brewing and fresh taste every time while only taking 30 seconds to dispense a drink. That’s fast for a roast and ground coffee. Ideal for meetings. Cleaning and maintenance are simple, with minimal downtime and reliability is exceptional – on average we receive less than 1 call-out every 3 years for a Kenco Singles Brewer.

Installation was very straightforward and Broxburn staff were quickly trained on-site in how to use the Kenco Singles system.

When we followed-up on how the trial was going? Well, it went so well they definitely didn’t want to hand it back! Management love the reliability, staff love the ease-of-maintenance and everyone loves the fresh-brewed taste delivered by the Singles Capsules.

Our support didn’t end there. A full parts and labour warranty is backed up by our friendly helpline. And, because Broxburn use this machine only for meetings, we’re able to meet their desire for a wide range of drinks by supplying assorted cases of capsules.