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Darenth Roma and Ice Break at Coldingham Luckenbooth

What does local really mean? For Kenco Local it’s delivering exceptional service no matter how remote your community.

Roma B2C at Coldingham

The Luckenbooth is a community run and funded facility in Coldingham, Berwickshire… on the stunning coastline of southeast Scotland. When the post office faced the axe, the locals sprung into action. £250,000 was raised to transform old buildings transferred from the council. This remote rural village now has a thriving hub ensuring valuable community services aren’t lost.

Which drinks vending machine?

What the directors of  The Coldingham Sands Community Company were looking for was a hassle-free and economical way to serve quality refreshments. They’d seen the Darenth Roma and Ice Break machine at an exhibition and were looking for a local company who could deliver a fully-managed service.

Talking over their requirements we advised going with a Darenth Roma Bean-to-cup machine complimented by a cup warming station and Mini Ice break. This hot and cold combo is used by both the community and visitors.

For the coffee we suggested Medium Dark Roast Sustainable Development beans (Rainforest alliance certified) complemented by Milfresh Silver dairy whitener. Feedback from the community and visitors is always that the coffee is “brilliant”.

And it really is hassle-free?

Absolutely. One of our engineers installed the kit and provided full training – from how to fill and clean the machines to collecting the coins. Our support doesn’t stop there. Help is a phone call away, including a technical help line to quickly diagnose any issues. All backed-up by 3 years parts and labour warranty.

The Roma itself is simple to clean and maintain. Its grinder can be rinsed under a tap and flushing the system takes only 15-20 seconds. A hygiene kit (spare operating parts) means cleaning means minimal interruption to service.

Customers, not account numbers… the extra touch:

The folks of Coldingham are rightly proud of what they’ve achieved. For the perfect finishing touch we were pleased to be able to customise the Darenth Roma machine with the Luckenbooth logo.

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