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Bolero dispenser at Shore Radio

Hassle-free and self-sufficient coffee vending for a busy Radio station where fast delivery was key.

Bolero at Shore Radio

The radio station was originally established in 2003 as Radio Leith! It’s a community radio station with the Membership keeping the Station in the community, for the community! Renamed in 2014 as Shore Radio – Members are very proud of their progress, community project and organisation.

There are currently 22 Presenters featuring shows for every genre – Flagship Shows, Soul, Jazz, Folk, Asian, Fringe, etc.  Training is ongoing and local people who want to participate are contacting the station on a weekly basis.

It’s thirsty work being a radio Presenter, working for 3 hours at a time. The Station has Presenters working from 7am until the wee small hours of the morning and given that we have guests for interview hospitality is key!

They wanted a coffee machine that offered good quality products, was simple to use and didn’t involve a capital outlay and were keen to work with a local company.

Most crucial is the need for busy staff to focus on what matters… excellent broadcasting and not having to deal with making coffees or dealing with a temperamental vending machine.

So ease-of-maintenance and reliability were crucial – just press your selection and you have quick delivery of speciality Kenco Millicano wholebean instant coffees, hot chocolate and the choice of hot water for that needy cup of tea to perk you up while on air.

After talking to Alba about the Radio stations needs a “free loan” Kenco Millicano branded Bolero machine was installed, with agreed drinks volumes, for straightforward self-service use and great quality drinks.

“It’s so small – perfect” “Wait until you see what it can do… good things come in small packages”.

The Bolero can handle an impressive 180 cups per hour and takes just 11 seconds to dispense. The illuminated display has clear buttons and is very user-friendly. This continues with an LED display to help with maintenance (such as showing a drip-tray full warning).

As you’d expect at a Radio station…  there was no plumbing at the site. During installation our engineers fitted a flow jet system to allow a regular water supply from a large refillable bottle. The Bolero was set-up, preferences programmed and staff trained on maintenance and cash collection.

As this is a community station with limited space and keeping costs to a minimum Alba deliver consumables in assorted bags for maximum flexibility.

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We wanted good coffee, easy to use and didn't involve a big capital outlay. We were keen to work with a company, on our own wavelength! After consulting with Alba Beverage they made the decision so much easier.

Carly Templeman, Radio Station Manager