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Bulk Instant Coffee

Kenco’s bulk instant coffee is available in super-value tins or convenient one-serve sticks. Rich, smooth or decaffeinated… great-tasting coffee at affordable bulk prices. And it’s not just coffee either – for a choc-hit there’s hot chocolate too.

Kencosmooth tin

Kenco Smooth Roast Tins

Kenco smooth-roast coffee in bulk tins. This quality, balanced and rounded aromatic blend delivers subtle citrus notes.

KencoRich tin

Kenco Rich Roast Tins

Rich Kenco coffee in bulk tins. Expertly roasted finest Arabica beans delivers a full-bodied and lively coffee with a refreshing tangy hint of acidity.


Kenco Decaffeinated Tins

Instant decaff in a tin. A superior blend of the finest coffee beans, decaffeinated, then expertly roasted.


Kenco Smooth Roast Sticks

Smooth-roast Kenco coffee in sachets. The convenient and economic way to enjoy this well-rounded and enticing aromatic coffee.

Kencodecaf sticks

Kenco Decaffeinated Sticks

Convenient sachets of decaffeinated coffee. All the flavour of an expertly roasted blend of the finest coffee beans, without the caffeine.

Suchard Sachets

Suchard Sachets

Offers chocolate lovers a luxurious premium hot chocolate flavour drink from the famous Suchard Swiss chocolatiers.

Cadburys Top Choc

Cadbury Top Choc

Cadbury’s Top Choc, is creamy with a rich chocolate taste. Made from the finest cocoa powder combined with milk extracts and sugar. Top Choc is ideal for vending machines.


Kenco Millicano Tin

The wonderful taste of Kenco Millicano Wholebean instant coffee is now available in a re-sealable Tin