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The anatomy of a perfect coffee

There are so many options, how do you chose the right coffee machine for your business? Start with the basics by getting to know what goes into making the perfect coffee every time.

Coffee build - coffee, milk and water


Temperature and holding time are vital for brewing a great-tasting coffee. Water hardness creates limescale and impacts flavour so ensure filters are changed periodically.


Fresh milk, especially steam-frothed, delivers delicious coffee. But powdered/ granulated is lower maintenance.


Quality coffee starts with the beans. Arabica, Robusta or a blend? Light, medium or dark roasted? Each effects the flavour profile. If using ground coffee… is it milled to the right degree – very fine for espresso machines, fine for filter, coarse for cafetiere? Exposed to air, coffee will begin to lose flavour. Air-tight packaging and correct storage/ stock management are simple yet crucial steps. With instant – have essential oils been locked-in by using the whole-bean? Has it been freeze-dried and foil-sealed to retain freshness of flavour?

Measuring up — the right ingredients are only the beginning.

Get the measure of coffee
What’s the optimal dose of coffee, brew time and temperature that will deliver great flavour while minimising costs?

And how to achive that every time? Consistency is difficult when manually dosing coffee for filter machines and cafetieres… those little extra-heaped spoonfulls soon add up.

This is solved in bean-to-cup and instant vending machines by having a professionally-configured machine calibrated to the specific coffee used.

In-cup drinks like Kenco 2GO solve it by coming ‘pre-loaded’ with the right coffee dose that’s foil-sealed. Smart capsules (think Kenco Singles) not only do both those things, they also tell the machine the optimal settings for a given drink.

Innovating perfection!

Development of new ideas and new technology is finding novel ways to help businesses consistently deliver the perfect coffee. It’s all about packing more flavour and making it easy to serve consistenty high-quality coffee while still being economical.

After all, it’s what business owners, staff, visitors and customers want!

Smart coffee capsule

Intelligent capsules

Kenco Singles not only contain the perfect amount of foil-sealed coffee, they also tell the machine exact brewing parameters to deliver a perfect cup every time.


Freeze-dried wholebean coffee

Wholebean instant coffee

By locking-in the essential oils of the whole bean, Millicano delivers a smooth and strong fresh-ground taste, but in an instant.